What Dock Owners Should Know About Boat Dock Cleaning

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When our Tennessee summer rolls around and the sun starts shining warmer, you want to get out onto the water and enjoy the weather! However, before your boat can take to the water, you have to make sure your boat dock is clean and reliable for use. Keeping your dock clean and maintained is the best way to keep it safe as well as long-lasting. Just like any other structure that is built near water, your dock can pick up all kinds of dirt, grime, and slime that could damage the materials and even eat away at them. If you try to walk on a dock that is covered in slippery algae, you could be risking personal injury.

Before you and your family get back out on the water, it’s smart to schedule a boat dock cleaning service from our pros at Xavier Pressure Wash. There’s no better time to get your boat dock cleaned than right before you use it again, so you can enjoy the fresh new clean right away. Keep reading to learn more about boat dock cleaning and how it can benefit you.

Algae And Slime Begone

When your boat dock stays in the water while it isn’t being used, it’s bound to build up some serious slime. Especially if it sits in lake water, which is often stagnant and the perfect place for lots of organic substances to grow, it’s likely your boat deck will be covered in a layer of algae after months of disuse. With boat deck cleaning, professionals will assess your dock and choose the best method for removing all of the algae and other growths that mar it. Once these substances are washed away, your dock will be far safer to use and a more pleasant place to spend sunny days.

Materials Are Important

The cleaning methods a pressure washing professional will use on your boat dock will depend on what your boat dock is made of. A dock made out of natural wood will need to be cleaned differently than a dock made out of treated wood, for example. Because some types of wood are more fragile than others, it might be difficult for an untrained eye to know what methods to use. That’s why calling a pressure washing company like Xavier Pressure Wash is your best bet when it comes to safely cleaning your boat dock. We’ll be able to take a look at what your dock is made of and make an informed decision on the kind of cleaning it will need. If an inexperienced person were to try to clean a boat dock using the wrong methods, the wood could end up damaged, warranting repairs in the future.

Staining And Sealing

Once your boat dock is freshly cleaned, you’ll want to make sure the results last! Getting the wood of your dock stained and sealed is the best way to enhance the fresh clean as well as make the natural color and beauty of the wood stand out. While a clean deck is a safe one, it’s also beautiful, and you want that curb appeal to last! Staining and sealing your boat deck can add up to five years to its lifespan, meaning you’ll get many more summers enjoying the sunshine and outdoor activities on your dock.

Boat dock cleaning is an invaluable service if you own a dock. Xavier Pressure Wash would be happy to be the company you trust with your dock cleaning so you can enjoy a freshly cleaned dock all summer long. Just give us a call when you’re ready to rid your dock of the dirt and grime and have a beautiful, safe space to spend your sunny days.

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